About FED

Friends with Environment in Development (FED) is a non–governmental, non-partisan organization, founded in 2011 and registered in 2014 as anon for profit. FED focuses on three program areas including;
Environment Sustainability and Livelihoods,  Community Health and Good governance.


FED mission is working towards ecological sustainability, social justice and healthy living through: amplifying community voices and rights, influencing policy and decision making, improving people's livelihoods, building capacity of community participants to live in a healthy and just environment.


FED envisions a people-centered development in Uganda and East Africa region where:
• Environment, biodiversity and natural resources are managed sustainably, used and shared equitably for the benefit of all - the present and the future generations.
•Health and healthy living of the people is a cornerstone right and prioritized for a healthy society in which health services access for everyone especially the rural poor is enabled and affordable.
• Society lives in a just and rights respected environment .